Australian Bauxite commenced production in December 2014 from its site at Bald Hill, Tasmania and has been selling into the cement and fertiliser industries, with its most recent sale amounting to 30,000 tonnes of bauxite and shipment occurring October 2017.

This was the first new bauxite project in Australia in more than 35 years.

The performance of ABx cement-grade bauxite through the kilns and resulting cement products have been exemplary. As stated by one of our highly valued customers “ABx bauxite is the best favour you can do for yourself and your cement plant”.

The outlook for regular fertailiser sales during 2018 is positive. Sales in this category are growing steadily.

Australian Bauxite produces cement-grade bauxite for the manufacture of certified high-specification cement, fertiliser-grade bauxite for the fertiliser industry and is primed with high grade metallurgical-grade bauxite for the aluminium industry.

Apart from Tasmania, Australian Bauxite also has viable tenements across Queensland and New South Wales, with the Binjour tenement in Queensland viewed as the potential flagship of the company. Our marketing partner, Rawmin Mining and Industries Pvt. Ltd commenced a review in late May 2017 of ABx's bauxite resources around Binjour totalling 28 million tonnes and has moved to the next stage of assessment. The assessments include a long-term Mining Lease at Toondoon, which has an Inferred Resource of 3.5 million tonnes of bauxite, with potential for extensions into the surrounding ground. Production from this mining lease may commence as a precursor for the larger Binjour Project during its approval processes. An application to Government has been lodged for a Regional Jobs and Investment grant for the commencement of the Binjour Bauxite Project.

ABx has been engaged in product development for some time, working on the TasTech innovation, which produces a spectrum of grades and handling characteristics, along with increased yields at low cost. It is likely that as of 2018, multi-product shipments will be possible to different customers, each having different quality requirements. Several prospective customers have been provided with samples of the products achieved from a recent TasTech bulk-testing project. All customers have agreed that ABx is offering a premium quality product that has hitherto not been available from any bauxite supplier.

In February 2017, ABx announced the discovery of high quality, refractory-grade bauxite at Penrose Pine Plantation. Refractory-grade bauxite is used for heat containment and abrasives and sells for five times the current price of metallurgical grade bauxite.

Australian Bauxite has been granted a global exclusive licence for a bauxite refining technology that produces aluminium fluoride as its main product, used in aluminium production and in lithium ion batteries and a suite of by-products from Tasmanian-type bauxite. This suite of products are worth more than ten times their unrefined value per tonne. It has finalised a Heads of Agreement (HoA) with technology provider, Refined Ore Industries Limited.

An engineering firm has been appointed to design and cost the Engineering Validation Plant for this project, referred to as the ALCORE project. Trade financing proposals suggest the 50,000tpa production plant can be largely financed. Discussions with governments and agencies are still progressing. There has been unexpected strong interest in co-products Corethane and silica fume.

Why are we different?  We are an innovative, cohesive and highly skilled team who have collectively developed an exploration model which identifies targets and achieve results. Consisting of strongly experienced senior management and disciplined geologists, the team has developed a unique geological model which has identified exploration targets that enables the company to maximise shareholder value for each exploration dollar spent.

Australian Bauxite (ABx) is adding value to shareholders through the discovery of high grade direct shipping bauxite in Eastern Australia, close to transport infrastructure and free of Native Title.

Our Vision: We will become the most valued and respected supplier of high grade bauxite through industry leading performance.

ABx has a pipeline for  development of bauxite deposits in Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. Combined JORC resources currently stand at 124 million tonnes and are expected to increase significantly with further exploration.  In total, ABx has 18 tenements covering 1,390km2 and controls the most prospective acreage for high quality bauxite along Eastern Australia.