Australian Bauxite was listed on the ASX in December 2009 and has tenements along the east coast of Australia across the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania. After developing its first bauxite site in 2014 in Tasmania and selling into the cement and fertiliser industries on an ongoing basis, ABx has been focused on an exciting new technology.

ALCORE Limited

Australian Bauxite has been granted a global exclusive licence for a bauxite refining technology that produces aluminium fluoride as its main product (used in aluminium production and in lithium ion batteries) and a suite of by-products from Tasmanian-type bauxite, including silica oxides and titanium oxide, along with Corethane gas-substitute. Our 89% owned subsidiary is named ALCORE. This suite of products are worth more than ten times their unrefined value per tonne, ie more than ten times the value of bauxite.

Clough Projects Australia Pty Ltd, a major Australian engineering firm, has been contracted to provide the advanced engineering required for the design and construction of the first Alcore Production Plant.

Dr Mark Cooksey, granted 6 months leave from CSIRO, has been appointed General Manager of ALCORE Limited for six months from February 2020 to assist Alcore with commercialising development of aluminium fluoride (ALF3) production. Dr Cooksey has worked closely with the aluminium and other metal industries and his significant experience in commercialising new technologies and processes is a solid base for Alcore to expand into the next phase of development.

Australian Bauxite has demonstrated that its mini-production plant at the ALCORE Research Centre can produce aluminium fluoride, extract silicon oxides and titanium oxide and manufacture saleable Corethane gas-substitute. Aluminium Fluoride is an essential electrolyte ingredient in aluminium smelters and it is anticipated global demand of aluminium fluoride will increase as aluminium smelter production increases and the use of aluminium fluoride in lithium-ion batteries increases. Corethane gas-substitute is pure hydrocarbon powder refined from low-value coals that can be used as a gas or diesel substitute (for fuel security in emergencies) and has emissions-reducing industrial applications.

ALCORE's results have exceeded expectations and a production strategy is now being firmed. Research discovered that the ALCORE process can do a lot more than expected, including making aluminium fluoride from aluminium-rich by-products and fluorine-rich by-products from aluminium smelters worldwide in order to introduce 100% recycling into the aluminium smelting industry. This business opportunity is described as the "Refine & Recycle process" which is lower in capital cost and substantially lower in operating costs than all alternative process routes because the two main chemical components of the aluminium fluoride product (namely Aluminium and Fluorine) are supplied at no more than zero cost by the smelters which are also the main customers for the aluminium fluoride produced from those smelter by-products.

This strategy has the highest profit and fastest growth potential worldwide. Plants can be replicated adjacent to aluminium smelters throughout the western world that seek higher environmental credits for recycling by-products, reducing emissions, lowering costs and reducing their dependence on imported AlF3.

Several potential aluminium fluoride customers and supportive major companies in the aluminium industry have visited the ALCORE Research Centre and observed the production of aluminium fluoride from aluminium smelter by-products.

Binjour Queensland

A Mining Lease Application is being lodged early 2020 and related project strategy has been agreed upon, following confirmed grades and successful upgrading tests. The Binjour project prep-production and working capital costs are fully funded by ABx's marketing partner, Rawmin Mining of India.

In 2019 we announced a Tripartite MOU with Tianshan Aluminium and Rawmin where we expressed our intention to supply 0.5 to 1.5 million tonnes per year of bauxite from our Binjour project in Queensland once this project was up and running.

The Binjour Bauxite Resource has grown to 37 million tonnes, with our company resources totalling 137 million tonnes. The Binjour Project located 115km southwest of Bundaberg Port is viewed as a discovery of a major bauxite province and is slated to become the company's flagship project over the next 5 years. There is a MoU with the Port of Bundaberg to investigate the opportunity to export bauxite in bulk tonnages throught the Port of Bundaberg. Research in 2020 will study extraction of very high grade bauxite from "detrital bauxite" rubble that has shed off the Binjour Plateau to create additional high-value products.

ABx Products

Australian Bauxite also produces cement-grade bauxite for the manufacture of certified high-specification cement, fertiliser-grade bauxite for the fertiliser industry and is primed with high grade metallurgical-grade bauxite for the aluminium industry. Australian Bauxite commenced production of bauxite in December 2014 from its site at Bald Hill, Tasmania. This was the first new bauxite project in Australia. The most recent and largest to date sale of 35,000 tonnes has been announced as of 14 May 2020, for loading in August on behalf of a domestic customer. ABx has worked with the customer to achieve optimum product specifications.

The performance of ABx cement-grade bauxite through the kilns and resulting cement products have been exemplary. As stated by one of our highly valued customers “ABx bauxite is the best favour you can do for yourself and your cement plant”.

The outlook for regular fertiliser sales looking forward is positive. Sales in this category are growing steadily as the superphosphate fertiliser made by acid-processing of ABx bauxite from Bald Hill in Tasmania gains strong sales.


Penrose NSW

Apart from Tasmania and Queensland, Australian Bauxite also has viable tenements in New South Wales. ABx in the past has announced the discovery of high quality, refractory-grade bauxite at Penrose Pine Plantation. Refractory-grade bauxite is used for heat containment and abrasives and sells for five times the current price of metallurgical grade bauxite.



ABx has been engaged in product development for some time, working on the TasTech innovation, which produces a spectrum of grades and handling characteristics, along with increased yields at low cost. It is likely that multi-product shipments will be possible to different customers, each having different quality requirements. Several prospective customers have been provided with samples of the products achieved from a recent TasTech bulk-testing project and all customers have agreed that ABx is offering a premium quality product that has hitherto not been available from any bauxite supplier.