Australian Bauxite is listed on the ASX and has tenements/mines across the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, the latter being the location of the first mine.

We pleased to report on early results from an exploration project carried out over the last 15 months involving rare earth elements (REE) that occur within the ABx bauxite horizon. 

ABx is also proud to announce that we have applied for a mining lease for our Sunrise Bauxite Project. Fully funded, we intend to generate and sell 500,000 tonnes per year.

We also advise that during April-May 2020, ABx was able to secure sales contracts for fertiliser-grade bauxite and cement-grade bauxite that totalled more than $2.5 million.

ABx's latest bauxite sale of 33,400 tonnes of cement grade bauxite processed to customer specifications, was despatched from Bell Bay, Tasmania in August. Sales of fertiliser grade bauxite continue throughout the year and are growing steadily.

ABx advises that 89% owned subsidiary ALCORE Limited has executed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement (MoU) with the Japanese global trading company Sojitz Corporation (Sojitz), which owns alumina assets in Australia and other mineral resources worldwide. An economic assessment is now available.

The MoU provides a framework under which Alcore and Sojitz will explore a potential business relationship for the sales and marketing of Aluminium Fluoride AlF3.

ALCORE Limited

Australian Bauxite has been granted a global exclusive licence for chemical refining of bauxite to produce aluminium fluoride as its main product (used in aluminium production and lithium ion batteries) along with co-production of silica fume, Corethane hydrocarbon, titanium oxide, iron oxide pigments and other products.

Alcore's method is the world's first production of AlFfrom the recycling of smelter waste and low-grade bauxite and uses the aluminium-related parts of the CORE Technology (patent pending).

Alcore plans to be the first producer of AlF3 in the southern hemisphere, providing the potential to increase security of supply for aluminium smelters in Australasia and elsewhere in the southern hemisphere.

Recent chemical analyses from CSIRO Laboratory, Melbourne confirm that Alcore’s AlF3 products achieved commercial chemical grades and the required crystal type. In addition, commercial-grade AlF3 was produced from 30% dross waste from an aluminium smelter and 70% gibbsite mineral, which is the principle component of bauxite.

Production of Corethane gas-substitute has also occurred by reducing ash content in coal from 28% to less than 0.3%. Corethane can provide energy security for production plants and for metallurgical use.

Alcore is building its first production plant at Bell Bay, northern Tasmania. Alcore recently moved to the design stage, appointing the globally recognised Clough Engineers and recruiting Dr Mark Cooksey, who has recently been appointed to the position of Alcore CEO (permanent as of January 2021). He was previously the Principal Senior Research Leader at the CSIRO and prior to that worked in Rio Tinto's Aluminium smelter division.

Under Mark’s guidance over recent months, Alcore has demonstrated:

• Repeated recovery of fluorine from aluminium smelter waste provided by multiple suppliers

• Consistent production of AlF3 with composition meeting commercial chemical and physical specifications (chemical analysis performed by CSIRO)

• Prevention of key impurities in bauxite from reacting with fluorine acids, allowing the impurities to remain as solids that can be separated from the AlF3 solution during processing

Alcore continues to achieve milestones in its laboratory and several potential customers have visited the Alcore Research Centre to observe the production of AlF3 from aluminium smelter by-products.

Binjour Queensland

ABx is in the process of developing its metallurgical-grade project at Binjour, located inland of Bundaberg Port.

The proposed mining leases, transport, port and shipping arrangements that have been presented to government and other stakeholders over past months are now under consideration by the Office of the Co-ordinator General for early review.

The project will be fully funded by ABx's marketing partner, Rawmin Mining of India, with a tripartite agreement announced in 2019.


Penrose NSW

ABx is also working on ways to optimise the development, extraction and marketing of high-priced refractory-abrasive grade bauxite from its white bauxite deposite at Penrose, inland from Port Kembla NSW.

Covid-19 Pandemic Response

ABx Group is taking all appropriate steps to protect employees, contractors and customers, the safety of which is paramount. We hae registered the Alcore lab to NSW Health if needed.

ABx endorses best practices on agricultural land, strives to leave land and environment better than we find it.

We only operate where welcomed.