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ASX Releases


09.09.20 Half Yearly Report and Accounts

31.08.20 Alcore CEO AGM Presentation

27.08.20 Update Alcore Confirms Key Requirements at Laboratory Scale

26.08.20 Alcore and Sojitz Memorandum of Understanding Agreement

24.08.20 CSIRO Senior Principal Research Leader Promoted Alcore CEO

20.08.20 33,400 tonne Bauxite shipped from Bell Bay Port, Tasmania

3.08.20 Activity Report and Appendix 5B

28.07.20 Bauxite from Bald Hill Mine ready for early shipment 

18.06.20 Cleansing Statement

18.06.20 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Ken Boundy

18.06.20 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Ian Levy

18.06.20 Change of Director's Interest Notice - Paul Lennon 

18.06.20 Appendix 2A

16.06.20 Mine production in full swing at Bald Hill Bauxite Project

29.05.20 Results of Meeting

29.05.20 Chairman Address AGM 2020

27.05.20 Alcore Produces Commercial-Grade ALF3 Achieves 5th Milestone

25.05.20 ABX Annual General Meeting Registration

14.05.20 Section 8 of Appendix 5B - Further Details

14.05.20 35,000 tonne cement-grade bauxite sale confirmed

30.04.20 Activity Report and Appendix 5B

29.04.20 Proposed Issue of Securities

29.04.20 AGM Notice of Meeting/Proxy Form

01.04.20 ABx Bauxite Production Ramps up to Assist Fertiliser Production

31.03.20 Appendix 4G

31.03.20 Annual Report to shareholders

05.02.20 Appendix 5B - Resubmitted

04.02.20 Alcore Appoints Clough Engineering for Design & Construct

28.01.20 Quarterly Report and Activities Statement 

24.01.20 CSIRO Snr Principal Research Leader Appointed Alcore General Manager


16.12.19 Binjour Mining Leasing Application to Proceed

25.11.19 Binjour Mine Underway Following Positive Bulk Sampling

28.10.19 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B

24.09.19 4th Milestone Achieved. ALCORE Produces Aluminium Fluoride AIF3

06.09.19 Half Yearly Report and Accounts

30.07.19 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B 

03.07.19 3rd Milestone Achieved ALCORE and Testwork Commenced

30.05.19 Binjour Project Update: Port MoU and Bulk Sampling Results

30.05.19 Results of Meeting

30.05.19 Chairman's Address AGM 2019

8.05.19 ABx Bauxite Shipment Finalised

30.04.19 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B

26.04.19 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

11.04.19 ABx Bauxite Shipment Produced 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

02.04.19 Tripartite MOU with Tianshan Aluminium - Binjour, QLD

29.03.19 Appendix 4G

29.03.19 Annual Report to Shareholders

31.01.19 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B

30.01.19 Bauxite Mining Operations in full Swing - Bald Hill Tasmania