Company Overview

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) (ASX: ABX) is an exploration company. The company’s main asset is the core of the Eastern Australian Bauxite Province. Tenements are located in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania and were selected on three firm principles:

A)    Quality – good quality bauxite with potential for significant tonnages
B)    Proximity – easy access to infrastructure connected to export ports
C)    Accessibility – free of socio-environmental or native title land constraints

All tenements are 100% owned and free of obligations for processing and third party royalties. ABx has been very successful and has discovered significant deposits of bauxite. The knowledge base is expanding rapidly and combined with expertise is leading to the discovery of new deposits.

ABx bauxite is high quality and can be processed into alumina at low temperature – the type that is in short supply globally. Australian Bauxite Limited aspires to identify bauxite resources in excess of 200 million tonnes in one of the world’s best bauxite provinces.

ABx has the potential to generate three state-significant bauxite projects; in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania. All the deposits are favourably located and ideal for direct shipping of bauxite to overseas customers.
Our business plan is firstly to prove up the largest tonnage of high quality bauxite resources of any comparable company. The second part of the plan is to develop markets for our premium-priced bauxite products in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region.