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Why does ABx have the mantra Better Bauxite?

Bauxite is a mainly a mixture of iron and aluminium hydroxides and oxides of Al, Fe, O and OH. Principal aluminium hydroxide minerals found in varying proportions are gibbsite and the polymorphs of boehmite and diaspore. Other components include SiO2, TiO2 and P2O5. The overall chemistry of bauxite determines its commercial usage and the cost of dissolution in the process of converting metallurgical bauxite to alumina.

Gibbsite has the chemical formula Al (OH)3, which is a trihydrate. Boehmite and diaspore have the formula AlO(OH), which is monohydrate. The main mineral of aluminium in our bauxite deposits is gibbsite. Large bauxite deposits in China and Vietnam are either low grade, high in monohydrate minerals, and/or high in reactive silica. Dissolution of monohydrate minerals requires higher temperatures and higher concentration of caustic soda; energy consumption is much higher than for dissolution of  trihydrate gibbsite.

Dissolution of gibbsite requires lower temperatures and lower concentration of caustic soda, providing ABx with a significant competitive advantage.

Moreover, our bauxite deposits have low levels of reactive silica and high total alumina to silica ratios. Reactive silica is the most harmful contaminant because it forms insoluble double Al, Na silicate which reports to red mud during conversion to alumina.

High levels of reactive silica causes the loss of alumina and caustic soda, while TiO2 and P2O5 robs sodium. Our bauxite deposits are low in contaminants and are Better Bauxite.

Are the locations of the company’s bauxite deposits favourably located close to infrastructure?

One of the key selection criteria used to identify suitable prospects for the discovery of economic bauxite deposits was access to transport infrastructure. All the principal deposits defined to-date, in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania, are located near existing rail lines with links to port facilities.

Are any of the Company’s tenements affected by Native Title Claims?

Another key element of land selection criteria was that the tenements applied for are free of Native Title Claims. None of the company’s tenements are affected by Native Title Claims.

Does ABx have good relations with local landowners affected by the company’s exploration activities?

So far ABx has been blessed with good relations with landowners. Management rates relations with landowners is of great importance and every effort is made to ensure that the relationship between ABx and landowner is cordial and of benefit to both parties.

How much cash does ABx have and what is the expected rate of cash-burn?

Please refer to our latest financial statements.

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