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13.04.16 Tasmanian bauxite miner in maiden sale - Burnie Advocate

12.04.16 Tasmanian bauxite miner in maiden sale - The Advocate


25.10.15 Hot Stocks - Sunday Times

01.10.15 Tasmania Bauxite Miner has Positive Outlook - Burnie Advocate

26.09.15 Founder Adds to Stake in Hope of Catching a Wave - The Age   

24.09.15 Council Rejects Road Funding Request From Miner - Launceston Examiner   

08.09.15 Bauxite Miner Finds Quality Deposits - Burnie Advocate   

06.09.15 Hot Stocks - Sunday Times   

31.08.15 Australian Bauxite Establishes Indian Business Alliance - Resources Roadhouse

25.08.15 Australian Bauxite ready to ship - Australian Financial Review

23.08.15 Hot Stocks - Sunday Times   

14.08.15 Miner's Ship Still to Come In - Australian Financial Review   

04.08.15 Bauxite is in High Demand and Could Be Crucial in Revitalising Tasmania's Export Future - Lloyd's List Australia   

01.08.15 Success of bauxite mine wins praise - Burnie Advocate

31.07.15 Frost Bites into New Tasmanian Bauxite Mine's Schedule - Article and Audio Link available on ABC North Tasmania   

31.07.15 Bald Hill Mine First Shipment - Tasmanian Government   

21.07.15 Bauxite Plans (Page 8 of Burnie Advocate)   

16.07.15 Briefly: First Bauxite (Page 10 of Burnie Advocate)

15.07.15 Why Speculative Miner Australian Bauxite soared 10% today (The Motley Fool)

01.06.15 Upgrades are on track - (Tasmanian Business Reporter - Page 11)

31.05.15 Sector is full of opportunities - (Sunday Examiner)

31.05.15 Digging In: state's mining future looking rock-solid - (Sunday Examiner)

31.05.15 Hot Stocks, Allan Hill - (Sunday Times, Perth)

30.05.15 Discovery leads to plans for third bauxite mine – (Hobart Mercury)

29.05.15 New bauxite deposit found near Campbell Town in northern Tasmania - (ABC News Online)

28.05.15 Bauxite deposits found near Bell Bay - (Launceston Examiner)

17.05.15 Hot Stocks, Allan Hill - (Sunday Times, Perth)

23.04.15 ABX leads bauxite race (SMH)

10.04.15 Bauxite miner's bright future

07.04.15 Praise for bauxite bonanza - (Launceston Examiner)

05.04.15 Hot Stocks - (Sunday Times, Perth)

28.03.15 Bauxite mining operations looks set to expand - (Launceston Examiner)

27.03.15 Australian Bauxite is on a roll with development of Campbell Town mining centre - (The Canberra Times)

24.03.15 Australian Bauxite ups Tasmanian bauxite resources - (Proactive Investors)

20.03.15 Bauxite mine exceeding expectations - (Launceston Examiner)

16.03.15 Ore, bauxite hopefuls - (The Australian)

07.03.15 Mine plan on schedule - (Launceston Examiner)

02.03.15 Bauxite Shortage - (The Australian)

01.03.15 Tasmania's Potential Tin Boom - (TMEC)

26.02.15 ABX Puts Final Shine on Bald Hill - (Resources

02.02.15 Tasmania's first bauxite mine north of Campbelltown is now yielding - (ABC Launceston)

01.02.15 Mine work begins (Tasmanian Business Reporter)

28.01.15 Bauxite boom fails to turn Alcoa's eye from home strategy - (The Age, Melbourne)

28.01.15 Alcoa resists bauxite export demand - (Australian Financial Review)

26.01.15 Alcoa of Australia refuses to be tempted by bauxite boom - (SMH, Sydney)

06.01.15 Ball Hill set to give up its first bauxite ore - (Launceston Examiner)

18.12.14 180 jobs created as Bald Hill Mine opens - (Tasmanian

18.12.14 New Bauxite Mine to open in Tasmania - (ABC News)

18.12.14 New Tasmanian mine to ship bauxite - (Lloyds List DCN, Australia)

16.12.14 Bald Hill mine to fast track exports - (Hobart Mercury, Hobart)

14.12.14 Hot Stocks - (Sunday Times, Perth)

09.12.14 Tasmanian bauxite mine a goer - (The Advocate)

09.12.14 Australian Bauxite receives final approvals to commence Bald Hill - (Resources Roadhouse)

09.12.14 Tasmanian bauxite mine gets the greenlight - (ferret)

09.12.14 Work set to begin on bauxite mine near Campbell Town in central Tasmania - (ABC News)

09.12.14 Start time for bauxite mine - (Hobart Mercury, Hobart)

06.12.14 Green light for bauxite mining - (Burnie Advocate)

01.12.14 TasRail announced as preferred transport provider - (Tasrail)

27.11.14 Bauxite mining to begin in December - (Burnie Advocate)

08.11.14 New Bauxite mine to start production in state's North - (Burnie Advocate)

03.11.14 TasRail's Mine Success Demonstrates Value of Rail Investment to Tasmainia - (

02.11.14 TasRaid to transport bauxite - (Sunday Examiner, Launceston TAS)   

02.11.14 Australian Bauxite Radio Coverage - (936 ABC Hobart, Hobart)   

21.10.14 Here's why these 3 small caps could be odds-on winners (Motley Fool Australia)

15.10.14 Approval for Bald Hill mine - (Launceston Examiner, Launceston TAS)   

14.10.14 Cash Backing for Tasmanian Bauxite Mine - (The Advocate)

14.10.14 Bald Hill bauxite mine set to start - (Hobart Mercury, Hobart)

14.10.14 Company talking to potential backers for mine - (Burnie Advocate, Burnie TAS)

07.10.14 Australian Bauxite Confident on Tasmanian project financing - (Proactiveinvestors Australia)

07.10.14 Australian Bauxite gets lift from lease for Tasmanian Mine - (Sydney Morning Herald)

29.09.14 Bauxite lowdown - (The Australian)

23.09.14 Australian Bauxite Radio Coverage - (Radio 4KZ, Innisfail and 936 ABC Hobart)   

23.09.14 Bauxite mine lease granted - (Launceston Examiner, Launceston TAS)   

23.09.14 Hobart - (Kalgoorlie Miner, Kalgoorlie WA)   

23.09.14 Bauxite mine closer to reality, Sean Ford - (Burnie Advocate, Burnie TAS)   

23.09.14 New bauxite mine approved for Tassie - (Border Watch, Mt Gambier SA)   

22.09.14 Tasmanian aluminium ore mine to open near Campbell Town by end of year, Helen Kempton - (The Mercury)

22.09.14 Australian Bauxite Radio Coverage, Newsreader - (7LA Launceston 16:00 News)   

22.09.14 New bauxite mine for Tasmania - (The Australian)

19.09.14 Three Speculative Companies set to hit the big-time, Sean O'Neil - (The Motley Fool)

04.09.14 Top stock tips for September - Sean O'Neill - (

27.05.14 Bauxite Junior Times It Right - (The Australian)

23.05.14 China Bauxite Supply Loss Spurs Export Boom for Australia - (Bloomberg)

22.05.14 Australian Journal of Mining