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Our Commitment

ABx endorses best practices on agricultural land, striving to leave land and environment better than we find it.  We only operate where welcomed. Our commitment is to continually strive to reach the highest standards in health and safety, minimize our impact on the environment and work co-operatively with stakeholders. ABx has been successful in building good relationships between landowners, rural communities and government departments. Good relationships with all stakeholders are critical to the success of our Company. Together with stakeholders as our partners, ABx has ensured high standards of health and safety, environmental responsibility and social awareness  concerning areas that are being explored and evaluated. Good relationships with all interested parties will build a healthier, safer and more sustainable frame work for the Company’s future. To achieve this outcome we will demonstrate:

RESPECT: We will conduct our activities in a way that respects rights of others.

ENGAGEMENT: We will pursue the support of host communities and governments through timely and open communication.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: We will focus on environmental best practice as a cornerstone for sustainable development.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: We will promote a work environment where the health and safety of people are our first priority.


Why are we different?  We are an innovative and highly skilled team who have collectively developed an exploration model which identifies targets and achieve results. The team has developed a unique geological model which has identified exploration targets that enables the company to maximise shareholder value for each exploration dollar spent.

Australian Bauxite (ABx) is adding value to shareholders through the discovery of high grade direct shipping bauxite in Eastern Australia, close to transport infrastructure and free of Native Title.

Our Vision: We will become the most valued and respected supplier of high grade bauxite through industry leading performance.

ABx has a pipeline for development of bauxite deposits in Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. Combined JORC resources currently stand at 137 million tonnes and are expected to increase significantly with further exploration.  In total, ABx has 12 tenements covering 719km2 and controls the most prospective acreage for high quality bauxite along Eastern Australia.