Operations have most recently been focused on the ABx wholly-owned subsidiary, ALCORE Limited which has conducted experimental reactions for the chemical refining of ABx bauxite and its components into aluminium fluoride (AlF3) and several valuable co-products. The mini-production plant at the ALCORE Research Centre will supply test samples to our three prospective aluminium-producing customers.
ABx commenced production in Tasmania in 2014, with the first mine in Bald Hill, located close to Campbell Town. Another two mines (Fingal Rail & DL130) are planned for Tasmania, with the Fingal Rail mining lease already defined. Several large shipments have left the Bald Hill Mine since production has begun. Bald Hill is located approximately 100km by Road or Rail to the Bell Bay export port, which has both stockpile and port capacity.  The bauxite is Direct Shipping Ore.
Fingal Rail, the second planned ABx Tasmanian mine, is similar to Bald Hill in that it has Direct Shipping Ore, major road and rail capacity, along with stockpile and port capacity. It is also close to Campbell Town (11km North). The Mining Lease for Fingal Rail has already been outlined. DL-130, the third planned ABx mine located in Tasmania, was discovered by ABx in 2011. It has high grades of bauxite and is where ABx has discovered Tasmania's thickest bauxite - 14m thick. It is within 75km of the Bell Bay Export Port.

Finally, bulk sampling and processing testwork was carried out in the Binjour Project, located 115km inland from Bundaberg Port, Queensland. Sampling confirmed that Binjour bauxite screens and upgrades better than expected. It was also discovered that a cream-coloured, extensive layer of high grade bauxite exists at Binjour - the highest quality gibbsite-trihydrate bauxite in eastern Australia.