ABx is in production, with the first mine in Tasmania commencing in December 2014 (Bald Hill), located close to Campbell Town and from where we are sourcing our local workforce. Another two mines (Fingal Rail & DL130) are planned for Tasmania, with the Fingal Rail mining lease already defined.

ABx's first Mining Lease was granted at Bald Hill Tasmania and announced to the ASX 22 September 2014. As mentioned in the ASX announcement, "this is the first new bauxite mine in Australia for over 35 years and will introduce a new bauxite supply into the seaborne bauxite market".

Bald Hill is located approximately 100km by Road or Rail to the Bell Bay export port, which has both stockpile and port capacity.  The bauxite is Direct Shipping Ore.

Fingal Rail, the second planned ABx Tasmanian mine, is similar to Bald Hill in that it has Direct Shipping Ore, major road and rail capacity, along with stockpile and port capacity. It is also close to Campbell Town (11km North). The Mining Lease for Fingal Rail has already been outlined.

DL-130, the third planned ABx mine located in Tasmania, was discovered by ABx in 2011. It has high grades of bauxite and is where ABx has discovered Tasmania's thickest bauxite - 14m thick. It is within 75km of the Bell Bay Export Port.

Each of the mines is easily accessible via heavy duty highways and rail leading to the Bell Bay deepwater port, with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Tasmanian Ports Corporation Pty Ltd for access to Bell Bay Port in northern Tasmania for the export of bauxite (ASX announcement dated 5 March 2013 and titled "Progress towards Production from Tasmania in 2014: MoU Signed for Bell Bay Port & Drilling Scottsdale Targets Commenced" ) and TasRail being awarded the contract for haulage to port (refer to ASX announcement dated 30 October 2014 and titled "Bald Hill Project Update: Public Support & Contractors Selected").

There are also further development projects planned in other eastern states - Binjour in Queensland, along with Goulburn South and Goulburn North in New South Wales.